Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson

Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer JohnsonThis book was given to each of us at work about six months ago by our director. Given we recently went through a 20 per cent staff cut, I’m guessing she might have been trying to give us all a heads up.

Normally, I don’t much go in for the self-help style of book, but this one was pretty interesting. Firstly, it’s super short, I read it all on my bus trip into work. Secondly, it discusses being prepared for change, recognising the signs of change and accepting change. Sometimes change is not a bad thing. But it is inevitable.

It’s a very simply told story of two mice and two people who are living in a maze and find cheese and remain nearby always expecting the cheese will be there. The humans become complacent, but the mice recognise the change and move on quickly, and continue to adapt so they might survive. The humans take a little more time to realise that the cheese isn’t coming back and they need to go find more.

It’s not a new concept, but very cleverly told. As someone who is more than comfortable with change and is always prepared for it, I didn’t get too much out of it I didn’t already do. But those who struggle with change might find it a little insightful.

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