Castle Hill - iconic Townsville feature

My little sister turned 30 on Thursday (wow, we’re getting up there in the age department), so to help her celebrate I flew up to Townsville (and my parents drove up from Mackay) to visit, have dinner, play with the cat and generally get in the way by having four grown adults in a tiny two bedroom townhouse. It was squishy and my sister and I found ourselves sharing a room for the first time since I was 12.

So chose Essence at the Casino, beautiful food and impeccable dining and wait service. It’s the kind of of restaurant where there’s only a small number of tables and you never have to ask for more water. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed our three-course meal.

I had a little flutter at the roulette table on the way out and doubled my $5 (big spender).

Essence restaurant

The rest of the time was spent helping her pick furniture and doing little fix-it jobs around the place before Mum and Dad headed back down the coast on Sunday and my sister and I were able to wander the town and have coffee and lunch until my evening flight.


Juliette's cafe

Wall art

Afternoon tea of scones

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