Last leg: Parks and Coonabarabran

An unfortunate decision to get Chinese food on our first tired night in Parkes meant that I was up at 2am and most of the morning with food poisoning. Though I desperately wanted to lay down and just stay in the room, we had to get on the road, so I took some medication to help the stomach cramps and we piled everything back into the car and made our way out to The Dish, aka: the CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope. Others might remember a little Australian movie of the same title.

It’s a really interesting place to visit and the museum and 3D movie area they have is fantastic for learning all about the dish and the universe.

CSIRO Radio Telescope, Parkes

But really, today was about getting to Dubbo so we can start the world’s largest Virtual Solar System Drive! Unfortunately, I couldn’t help much with the driving today, which left us needing to take regular breaks so my man didn’t get too tired (but seriously, he did a mammoth drive today!).

So the point of this solar system drive is to go from Dubbo to Coonabarabra and Siding Springs – where starting from Dubbo (Pluto) the solar system drive has been set up with model planets on the side of the road, place to scale of the actual solar system (Siding Springs is the ‘sun’).

Here we go!

Big sky

We cruised into Brisbane at about 7pm after 9 days and 1,754kms under the tires.

View more photos of the Solar System Drive on my Flickr page.

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