Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano

“In America, killers pump themselves up on rap, but in Secondigliano they go off to kill with love songs in their ears.”

This is a really interesting book about the Camorra (or The System) —the Neapolitan mafia. Written by Roberto Saviano, a journalist and Naples native, he describes seeing his first murder at the age of fourteen.

Gomorrah by Roberto SavianoSaviano works undercover in Camorra-controlled factories and construction sites in order to research this book, as a result, he has been threatened by high members of the Camorra and now has a permanent police escort.

It’s no secret how dangerous Naples as a city can be, however this book pulls back the curtain on how deep the corruption runs. The System is in nearly ever facet of Neapolitan life, from small businesses to the government.

Beautifully written, Gomorrah paints us a terrifying and voilent picture of the Neapolitan life.

Not for the faint of heart.

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