Chiang Mai, Thailand

Welcome to Chiang Mai! Where you from?Chiang Mai, ThailandChiang Mai is the largest city in Thailand, though somehow more calming than Bangkok. If I had to do my trip again, I would have booked more time in Chiang Mai and less in Bangkok. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Bangkok, but it is an exhausting and busy city.

I felt I was able to enjoy a bit more of the local flavour in Chiang Mai – and on foot, a novel approach after a complicated web of Bangkok streets. I didn’t have time to jungle trek while I was there, but there’s plenty to do in the city itself. Here’s some photos of my time:

Food markets, Chiang MaiGiant sleeping Buddha, Chiang MaiThe Night Bazaar is actually pretty interesting, probably some of the better shop I came across in Thailand. I also got to witness this policeman singing to help the homeless.Performing policeman, Night BazaarIt’s also home to the many giant Buddha’s that grace across Thailand.

Buddha, Chiang Mai old cityI loved wandering around the old city – and the people are super friendly, always asking me where I’m from and what I’m up to next or even simply saying, ‘Welcome to Chiang Mai!’

Temple, Chiang MaiOne of my favourite things was getting fish therapy on my feet after a long (and hot) day of walking around!

Fish therapy, Chiang Mai

Finally, some words of wisdom from Chiang Mai.Words of wisdom from Chiang Mai

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