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Meanwhile, 15 months later…

Happy first day of Spring (for those in the southern hemisphere)!

I’ve returned after a bit of an unplanned hiatus. The last year and a bit has been challenging, my initial plans for 2017 were to maybework on smaller projects at work, reboot my health and take lots of little holidays here and there. Bring my stress down a notch. Instead… here’s a few of things I’ve been up to:

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9 reasons why working from home can feel like a holiday

I’m one of those travellers who also has a full-time job, so I have to fit travel into my annual leave and settled budget. Even though I’m lucky enough to love my day job, I still have those days were I just don’t want to go into the office.

My solution? I can work from home on days where I need more focus and have no meetings. And you know what? It’s so revitalising! Here’s why I found out that working from home can feel like a holiday:

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5 wineries in Stanthorpe you must visit

People don’t often think of Queensland and wine in the same sentence, but about three hours south-west of Brisbane is a place called Stanthorpe – with amazing wineries.

The region is at it’s best during the cooler months with beautiful autumnal foliage painting the town in oranges, browns and yellows. But… onto the good stuff – wine!

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Relax and recharge in Mooloolaba

We’re pretty lucky here in Brisbane to have two nearby coasts with beautiful beaches. Unfortunately it be difficult to find time to visit, but it’s important to remember the amazing locations we have right on our doorstep. So when I saw that Easter was early this year and my work project was pushed out, I jumped at the chance to back some of my annual leave onto the Easter break. This gave me 17 luxurious days off for the cost of only nine leave days.

After spending a few days up in Mackay visiting my parents, we decided to spend a week in glorious Mooloolaba – one of the more lively locations on the Sunshine Coast.

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Last leg: Parks and Coonabarabran

An unfortunate decision to get Chinese food on our first tired night in Parkes meant that I was up at 2am and most of the morning with food poisoning. Though I desperately wanted to lay down and just stay in the room, we had to get on the road, Continue reading Last leg: Parks and Coonabarabran

Where we learn about wine making

Mt Pleasant McWilliams

I really love going on tours of factory type places and learning how things are made, I think it gives you a nice appreciation of what you’re tasting/looking at – it’s also a great way to learn more about the place you’re in and do something different from just swishing and tasting wine (that came after the tour).

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