Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Palace, Bangkok ThailandWelcome to Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok is both surprising and also brings back memories of being in Cuba a few years ago. The streets, the heat, the attitudes are very similar, only difference is my Spanish is far better than my Thai.

My first day here Bangkok kicked my arse. I think it’s safe to say that most first days in any new country always begin this way. You learn your lessons in that first day, you get ripped off, you pay too much for the long way around things and you start to wonder if this was a very good idea. But by the second day you have your footing and you wise up to the dos and donts you learn in day one and it becomes new and exciting again.

Grand Palace, Bangkok ThailandSo what have I been doing in Bangkok? Well, aside from sweating away the kilos, I’ve been seeing all the historical sights, getting clothing made, cooking up a storm at a Thai cooking class, riding around on a segway and generally taking every mode of transport possible.

On my second day I took the BTS, the Metro, a taxi, a boat, a tuk tuk and rode on the back of a motorbike.

Tuk tuk, Bangkok ThailandI won’t lie, I’m ready to leave the hustle and bustle of Bangkok today for some slightly cooler and the quieter pastures of Chiang Mai via the ancient capital of Ayutthaya. Let’s hope the weather holds out up there!

Some more from Bangkok:

Grand Palace, Bangkok Thailand

Chicken yellow curry - I made it!

Houses affected by floods in September 2011

Segway tour

Me riding about on a segway

The Marble Temple, Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Thailand

Pineapple and flower offering at the monks temple

Grand Palace, Bangkok Thailand

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