2018 goals: Ways I plan to improve my creative activities

It’s Friday and that brings up feelings of hope and whimsy of all the things we want to do over the weekend. Or in my case, after this week, drink wine and sleep.

But we all have on the side activities we hope we’ll spend more time doing right? Two of mine which I used to spend a lot of time on was writing and photography. But now I work in a creative field for a living, it means I have less and less drive to come home and do more. So why do I want to make this improvement? Because what I do for work and what I like to do in my spare time are two very different versions of writing and creativity.

Writing races

The Australian Writer’s Marketplace run a writing race every Wednesday night from 8pm, for one hour. You can write about whatever you want, for me I want to use this time to get better at being consistent with this blog and posting. There’s just something about a collective pool of people all committing to write at the same time every week.

Make better use of my creative memberships

I’ve been a member of the Queensland Writers Centre for years and they always have wonderful workshops and writing activities on. I’ve attended a lot of their workshops over the years and they’re always a great touch stone which reminds me how much I love to write and that we’re all busy and just need to find the time for the things we love. If we love it enough, we’ll make the time for it. I would like to tap more into that resource again this year and also be a bit more proactive about opportunities that might come up, e.g. competitions and collaboration with others.

Carving out time every week

I’m really focused on carving out some time regularly each week that is my time to work on the creative activities I like to do. I’ll need to set some boundaries around these times, but I think I’ll align it with my partner’s uni work time when he goes back to uni in mid-February.

Learn more about my camera

I have a few books on how to get the best out of my camera or how to take better photos, but I’ve only read small amounts of these books. It would be good to sit down and give it a bit more time. I think I’ll also give myself some photography challenges this year to help me get back into the habit of taking regular photos and trying new things.

Do you have any creative activities you’d like to make more time for this year? What’s your creative outlet?

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